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Why Team Representatives Make Themselves Available for Interviews on Game Days

If you have ever watched an Orlando NBA game, you may have noticed that players and coaches give interviews at various points during the game. However, you may not know how the interviews are setup and why the players and coaches consent to them.

What Are the Purpose of Player and Coach Interviews?

The purpose of player and coach interviews during Orlando NBA games is to give fans greater insight into the game. During the conversation between the team representative and a reporter, the interview subject may talk more about why a play was made or missed. He or she may also be able to give greater insight into why a particular player was benched or in the game during a given situation.

Why Do Team Representatives Conduct Interviews?

For the most part, the league requires that players and coaches make themselves available to the media. However, it does give them a chance to improve their profile with fans and among others in the NBA. It may also give them an opportunity to clarify any messages that they may have sent by social media or through other sources before a game or during the off season.

How Does a Team Decide Who to Make Available for Interviews?

Generally speaking, the team’s top stars are almost always available to talk before, during or after a game. However, those who had the biggest impact on the game itself are typically the ones who are chosen to speak with the media. It is also common for the head coach to hold a press conference after a game whether the game was particularly noteworthy. Assistant coaches may speak on behalf of a head coach if he or she is unable to do an interview.

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