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Ford Dealerships Near Redmond, OR Teach the Value of Cleaning Trucks

If you spend a lot of your time in your truck and on the road, it only makes sense to keep it clean. For one thing, vehicles are prone to accumulate grime, muck, and a wild assortment of gunk composed of dirt, insect and animal remains, bird droppings, and road salts as you drive. According to a Ford dealer near Madras, the inevitable build-up of these contaminants contributes to the premature aging of your truck, which can result in costly repairs.

The Benefits of a Clean Truck
Ford dealerships serving Redmond OR emphasize the importance of establishing a maintenance program for your truck. Contaminants, especially road salts, can lead to corroded and rusted parts. It can also ruin your truck’s exterior finish, leading to a costly repainting job.

Regular cleaning and washing will not only reduce the possibility of wearing and tearing the mechanical parts of your truck, but you also save an incredible amount of money on fuel. This is because a clean vehicle has less drag and wind resistance, which makes it fuel-efficient.

Lastly, a clean truck reflects positively on its driver. After all, your vehicle is almost an extension of yourself. Keeping your truck clean and tidy gives the impression that you do the same in every aspect of your personal life and career.

Tips on Keeping your Truck Clean
Depending on your schedule, you must plan a regular exterior wash for your truck. An exterior wash every two weeks is ideal. For the most part, you can personally do the washing. However, if your busy schedule does not permit it, you can always go to a professional car wash for some much-needed cleaning.

Pay special attention to the underside of your vehicle, as it is the most vulnerable in terms of dirt pick-up. Keeping that area clean is crucial to the overall health of your truck. As added protection, you can also apply professional undercoating. Though undercoating isn’t cheap, it can potentially save you a significant amount on more expensive repairs.

For the interior, you should make it a habit to vacuum your cabin’s floor, in between the seats, and the seat themselves at least once a month. You should also try pressure washing your truck’s carpets to rid it of the accumulated dirt, then allow to air-dry before putting it back in. Also, don’t forget to wipe the dashboard and empty the trash while you are at it.

For stained areas, try gently scrubbing it with soap and warm water. Or, you can invest in a good upholstery cleaner. For leathers, you should purchase a leather cleaner since strong cleaners can damage and dry your upholstery leading to cracking.   

Additional cleaning tips
If you have a tonneau cover, wash it by gently scrubbing it with a soft bristle brush using either a special tonneau cover cleaner or a simple solution of cold water and soap. Afterwards, rinse it thoroughly with water.

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