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3 Reasons to Pick VG Based Nicotine Products

When you begin to explore the options for vaping e-liquids, you notice there are two versions of the liquid to purchase:

  • VG based liquid
  • PG based liquid

PG based e-liquids use propylene glycol to suspend the nicotine and flavours in. VG based nicotine products use vegetable glycerin. Lots of research has been done into e-liquids, evaluating the effects of the different varieties. Yet some vapers prefer these products for the reasons given below.

VG Based Nicotine E-Liquids Are Sweeter

E-liquids are available in numerous different flavours. Some people prefer the sweetness of candy-flavoured vapes. VG-based products provide a natural sweetness anyway that helps enhance the experience for many users.

Some People Are Sensitive to Propylene Glycol

Few people are aware of this until they start vaping that type of e-liquid. However, if they find the experience unpleasant, switching to VG based nicotine is likely to get rid of those side effects. This leads to a better experience for those vapers. There are still lots of varieties of e-liquid available using the VG form.

Users Get More Vapour Using Vegetable Glycerin E-Liquids

Cigarettes create a cloud of smoke – something many smokers are used to. Some vapers like to replicate that part of the experience by using VG e-liquids rather than PG ones. The vegetable glycerin base creates far more vapour than the alternative. This also means the aroma of the e-liquid is more noticeable. This is a key part of the experience for many vapers, and those who particularly like it are going to enjoy the experience more with the VG option.

There are e-liquids on the market today designed to suit all smokers wishing to swap to electronic cigarettes. For many, the best option is to choose e-liquids based on vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol.