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Can You Stage a Home for Sale Using a Storage Unit on the Property?

Homeowners preparing to sell their houses shouldn’t rent a storage unit when they stage the house. They already have fine outdoor storage in Phoenix, AZ, in their own backyard. Moving becomes simple when most of the furniture can be loaded onto the truck from the storage unit. How can homeowners stage their own homes for sale?

Where to Begin

Homeowners preparing to sell their homes look around at dark, shuttered windows and clutter. It won’t be easy to make the rooms look bright and open like they do online and in magazines, but don’t worry. You’ve got this.

Home staging is cleaning and arranging a home so potential buyers are charmed with its appearance. Move out clutter from closets, pictures on the walls, and excess furnishings. Clean each room, repaint if necessary, and hang sheer materials at the windows. Potential buyers want to see the rooms in natural light.

How Much Furniture Should There Be in Each Room?

You want just enough furniture to give the room some focus, but not enough to look cluttered. A sofa, chair, and coffee table in the living and family rooms, a dining table and four chairs in the dining room, and a bed and chest of drawers in bedrooms is just enough to provide potential buyers with a contrast.

They need to visualize their own belongings in the rooms. A picture on the wall or a table lamp is all the accessories that are necessary. All else goes in your outdoor storage Phoenix, AZ, unit.

The Goal

You want potential buyers to feel comfortable picturing your house as theirs. To that end, if you have to empty the house into your outdoor storage unit, do it. Then rent just enough neutral furniture to give the rooms personality.