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3 Tips for Renting Video Production Equipment in the United States

There is no doubting that renting gear is less expensive than buying it with every project that you do. But if you’re not careful about how you purchase your gear, things can still add up fast. Read on to find out three important tips for renting film making gear.

  • Focus on Ability Instead of Pricing and Branding

When it comes to technology and things like camera equipment, most people always want to go for the most expensive, popular brands out there. This is definitely due to the fact that they mix branding and price with quality. While this is understandable, it leaves a lot of empty space out there for the lesser-known brands that can perform just as well as the known ones.

You’d be surprised at the performance of brands that you’ve never heard about. Taking a chance on older video production equipment rentals could be your introduction to an even more affordable way to film.

  • Go with a Kit

Most people that rent video equipment only go for what they need. This makes sense, especially if you’re only filming a certain type of video like a sports video, or you’re only using a certain type of kit that’s relevant to the project. Kits are an awesome thing to have, regardless of the task. They open up your project way more and do a better job of introducing you to different tools. While you’re probably going to be using one anyway, it’s best to try to go for an entire kit.

If you do this, you’ll save a lot more time by not having to pick out specific gear.

  • Tell the Renting Place About Your Project

Why would you tell the person you’re renting from what you’re going to be filming? Well, If you explain what you’re going to be filming, there may be a chance that someone at the rental place knows exactly what type of equipment you need for that project. They might also be able to point you a discount or help you with any issues you may have with certain equipment if there are any.

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