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Recovering from a Rat Infestation? Call a Professional Cleanup Service

Finding out that rats have set up residence in your home is not something you want to deal with. Even so, there are two things that must happen. An exterminator needs to get rid of the rats. Once that’s done, you have to deal with the urine and feces left by the infestation. Hiring professionals to manage the rat poop cleanup in Sacramento, CA, is the most practical approach. Here are some examples of what the right cleanup service will do for you.

Get Rid of Ruined Insulation

Rats build nests in home insulation. It also serves as the place where they breed and leave behind waste. There’s no way to restore the insulation after the rats are gone. The only alternative is to remove it and make sure it’s disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. A professional technician can manage the removal and prepare for you to have new insulation installed.

Disinfect Every Non-Porous Surface

Since rats can travel anywhere in the home, there’s the need to clean every surface. Professionals who provide rat poop cleanup in Sacramento, CA, will clean and disinfect every non-porous surface in the home. Depending on what the team finds, some porous materials may be salvageable. If not, the team will arrange for those elements to be removed.

Deodorize the Home

Even after the initial cleaning is done, there is still likely to be some lingering odors. The final stages of the rat poop cleanup in Sacramento, CA, will address the remaining scent. Once the deodorizing is done, the place will smell clean as well as actually be clean.

Living in a home that was infested with rats is not healthy. You need help getting things back to normal. Doing so will remove any remaining health threats and make it possible to reclaim your home.