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The Benefits of X-ray Technology in PCB Assembly

Specialized X-ray units were developed to improve the quality control of printed circuit boards (PCBs). Many manufacturers use X-ray inspection systems that use a microfocus X Ray source. This technology helps with testing the quality of PCBs. The development of this technology allows for extending a microfocus X Ray source in several fields of medical diagnostics.

Get into the Details

A microfocus X-ray tube are often used for increased voltage and power. There are three types, which are anterior-impaired anode, stationary internal anode, and rotating anode. A basic microfocus X-ray tube is made up of a target, an electromagnetic lens, an anode, and a cathode. It is a key component in micro computed tomography (CT) devices. Micro-CT is simply 3D X-ray imaging, which uses the same techniques used in hospital CAT scans.

Uncovering Hidden Effects

Materials can absorb X-rays. It absorbs the radiation depending on its thickness, atomic weight, and density. For example, a heavy material tends to absorb more X-rays, which allows for easy imaging. On the other hand, lightweight materials are more transparent to radiation. An X-ray inspection system is effective at revealing hidden defects.

Quality Projection

An X-ray projection microscope is an important component in the inspection process. It starts by generating X-rays with the launching of tubes that pass through printed circuit boards. Projection is used with detectors because of the variety of materials. The higher the density is in materials means the deeper the shadow on the X-ray tubes.

You want to choose a system that produce clear X-ray images to make an accurate diagnosis. An X-ray inspection system requires enough magnification to meet future and present needs.

These tools are often used in many research domains, such as medical, energy science, and environmental science. Contact Micro X-Ray Inc. for your X-ray tubes needs.