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How to Deal with Your Driveway Expansion Gaps

Wood was commonly used to fill expansion gaps. However, wood isn’t ideal since it tends to rot. If you use treated wood, you still need to maintain and replace it regularly, which proves troublesome for many homeowners. The best option for you is to use driveway caulking expansion joints. These are specifically designed to serve as a shock absorber, keeping the slabs of concrete separate. When chances in temperature cause the concrete to expand and shrink, the joints allow the slabs to move without doing any damage to the rest of the structure.

How do I repair the gaps?

Look for driveway caulking expansion joints. Cut the joints to the proper length and put them in place. Make sure you clean the area thoroughly when you do. Cover the rods and the gap with a joint sealer when you’re done. For other concrete gaps, you can patch them up with self-leveling cement. Clean the areas before you repair any of the gaps.

How do I buy the joints?

Look online for reputable shops that sell expansion joints. Check out the available options. Which brands dominate the market? Which ones have a reputation for excellent performance? Reading reviews from other buyers will also help, as many comments mention specific details and provide insight into the buying process, the customer service of the firm, the delivery time frame, and the overall quality of the product.

How do I choose a shop?

Does the shop have an extensive inventory? That will save you time and effort since you can get other items or supplies from the same shop. Be sure to go over the return policy, though. Know the terms and conditions for processing returns. If you ever need to return an item, you’ll know what to do and you can avoid wasting time.