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Be Sure to Choose the Correct Rod When You Are Fishing in New Jersey

Fishing is an excellent way to get fresh air, catch a tasty meal and enjoy your time outdoors. To make sure you have the appropriate type of rod for the style of fishing that you want to do, it’s important to understand the differences between fishing equipment such as fly rods, trolling rods and Daiwa surf rods.

Fly Rods

If you spot a river that looks enticing and want to go fishing, you’ll probably need to utilize a fly rod. The main distinction between this type of rod and other rods is how the end of a fly rod is constructed. Typically, fishing rods will have a piece attached to the area closest to where you grip. This is too cumbersome for a fly rod and would interfere with the flexibility and speed of your casting. You won’t find any extra piece on this type of rod.

Trolling Rods

A trolling rod is usually used to catch fish such as tuna and marlin. It is placed in the back of a moving boat and targeted towards fish that may want to take a bite while you are traveling forward. This style of fishing is used when you want to try and catch fish but not sit idly in one specific area. These types of rods will be sturdy and long with fast action as they are mainly used to target large fish.

Surf Rods

You’ll want to use surf rods if you’re planning on fishing brackish or saltwater areas that are located along coastal bays and beaches. Daiwa surf rods are designed to be long so that you can cast over incoming waves and out into the surf. These rods are built strong to help ensure that they work correctly when you are trying to catch stripers or redfish. If you’re interested in acquiring new fishing equipment and want to work with an expert, be sure to visit J&H Tackle at Website.