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The Benefits Of Advertising Your Knoxville Business On Live Traffic Reports

One of the most challenging choices any Knoxville, TN business owner has to make is how to most effectively spend advertising and marketing dollars. While there is a lot of push from marketing companies to use online advertisements, social media campaigns, and even Pay Per Click advertising, this lacks a personal touch that can only be found through live advertising.

A very reasonably priced and highly effective way to get your business message out to the people of Knoxville, TN is to advertise on life traffic reports. This is one of the few advertising options that are sure to reach tens of thousands of potential customers with every spot.

Live Delivery of the Message

Unlike a traditional type of produced radio advertisement, when your message is attached to a live traffic report, your listeners are already engaged and paying attention. In addition, as the on-air personality reads the short 25-word message, your current customers and potential new customers are hearing the message from a trusted source.Quick Changes

Any business with a product or a service can tap into the benefit of using traffic reports to share their advertising and marketing message. A catchy phrase or slogan can be at the heart of the message, with information about sales, promotions, features, specials or upcoming events added on.

These live messages are an ideal way to share information on a daily basis with your customer base because the ad can be easily changed without talent or production fees. Be sure to choose an experienced on-air personality who can help you craft your message to be most effective.

Reach the Most Listeners

Another benefit is the timing of your sponsorship. Live traffic reports only occur at peak driving times. This means your message is being heard by more listeners instead of the middle of the day or night when much fewer are paying attention to the radio. This results in a greater return on your investment.