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Built to Last: Batteries That Can Handle the Cold for Outdoor Activities

Batteries in Burnaby can come from many places, but if you want to have a huge selection, you should look at our selection. We are the largest independent distributor of batteries in Western Canada. Twelve-volt golf cart batteries in Burnaby are available at our shop along with batteries for your car.

An Independent Battery Distributor

Since we’re independent, we can provide tons of brands for you to choose from. We sell commercial batteries, marine batteries and automotive batteries as well as solar products. Check out more on solar panels in Canada (especially B.C.) here.

Expertise Pays Off

The cold weather in Western Canada can take a toll on all kinds of batteries, whether they are in your boat or your car. Come to us for expert advice on which brands do well in certain areas.

Save Energy With the Right Battery

The right battery is the one that is in your price range and is compatible with the application you are working with. You don’t want a battery that is too small, doesn’t have the right cables or is known to wear down too much with certain uses. Some brands are recommended with certain types of golf carts as well. Other brands are recommended for certain types of use, or for very long outings. Still other brands come rated higher for eco-friendliness or longevity. We can help you get the right one.

In general, it’s better to go a little bigger with batteries in your golf cart than you need. Our 12-volt golf cart batteries in Burnaby come in a large variety. They provide plenty of power for a golf cart so you can stay on the lovely Burnaby green longer.

A battery shouldn’t leak or require too much maintenance. Make sure you get a professional recommendation on which battery is compatible with your needs.

You can view more about Polar Batteries at . Call us to speak to a representative today.