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The Many Ways That Smoke Damage Can Ruin Your Home and Harm Your Health

A fire occurs every 24 seconds in America. Even if your house is intact after a fire, it can still have smoke damage. That is why smoke damage restoration in Billings, MT, is important. There are several ways that smoke damage can harm your home.

Weakening the Structure

Smoke can weaken the structure of your home. Floorboards can turn to ash, and ceilings can collapse. You may not realize that the structure of your home has weakened until something happens to draw your attention to the problem. Smoke damage restoration can protect the structure of your home.

Stained Furniture

Regardless of whether you have leather, wood, or fabric furniture, it can be stained by smoke. You can easily clean the furniture yourself. However, you will need to get smoke damage restoration first.

Discolored Walls

The ash, soot, and smoke of a fire can damage and discolor your walls. After you get smoke damage restoration in Billings, MT, you will need to clean your walls. You can use a cloth scrub and water to remove the discoloration. You should not use ammonia, bleach or other chemicals because they can ruin the wallpaper.

Skin Irritation

The smoke can settle on your skin, causing irritation. Lotion or cream may not soothe your skin. You will likely need to get medical attention if your skin is irritated by smoke.

Eye Irritation

Smoke residue can cause watery, itchy eyes. You are likely to suffer eye irritation after you have been exposed to smoke for a long time. Make sure that you see your doctor as soon as possible if your eyes are irritated.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues are common in people who have been exposed to smoke. If you already have respiratory issues, smoke exposure can worsen them. Shallow breathing, wheezing, chest congestion, and coughing are signs of a respiratory issue. For regular updates Follow our Facebook page.