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Pallet Wrapping Machines

When you ship a lot of products out to your clients or customers, you probably make use of pallets. These items keep products off of the floor and make it easier for your clients to use racks for storage of bulk goods. In order to prevent items from getting loose in transit, it is a good idea to shrink wrap the pallets. We produce a high-quality and long-lasting pallet stretch wrapping machine that you can use on all types of products.

Our stretch wrapping machine uses big rolls of shrink wrap. The machine determines how much of the shrink wrap needs to be used in order to fully protect the items on the pallet. In most cases, the machine will use less of the wrap than your employees would if they had to do it by hand. The result is that you do not have to buy as much shrink wrap, which saves you money. Your clients will also like this because they will not have to remove as much of the wrap in order to unload the products from the pallets.

With this machine for shrink wrapping pallets, you can lower the risk of injuries in your workers. Cutting shrink wrap by hand could lead to on-the-job injuries, lost time at work, higher insurance premiums and other problems. With a machine doing this task, you will not have to worry about your employees experiencing cuts or repetitive stress injuries.

When you are ready to get more pallets wrapped in less time, contact us at Tab Wrapper Tornado. We look forward to telling you all about our pallet stretch wrapping machine so that you can feel confident about your purchase from us.