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Sweet Flavors and Tips for Making the Best Snow Cones to Enjoy

There’s nothing like enjoying a refreshing snow cone with your favorite flavor on a hot day. Common flavors that you can get include cherry, grape, and blueberry. However, if you plan to sell these icy treats or you want to have more options available for a special event, then consider other flavors of snow cone syrup wholesale that you can get for fun creations.


In order to make the best snow cones, you need to have the right equipment. Make sure the blades in the machine that you have are sharp and that they deliver the consistency of the ice that you want. The snow cones that you make should look like snow instead of ice cream or a smooth consistency, as you want just the right amount of crunch.

Sweet Ingredients

When you get snow cone syrup wholesale, you might need to add a few sweeteners or other ingredients to either make the flavors sweeter or to cut back on the intensity of the flavors that you have. Fresh fruits are an option to consider if you want flavors that are a bit more natural or those that are refreshing instead of those that have a sugary taste. However, if you want to add an abundance of sweet notes, then consider using pieces of candy with your snow cone syrups.


The type of container is important when making snow cones. Most of the containers that are used are in the shape of a cone. Consider placing a small piece of fruit or candy in the bottom of the cone to absorb the liquid as the ice melts. A bowl is a good option to use as well, but try to make the ice into a mound so that it looks like a snowball instead of just a bowl of ice.