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Finding the Best Security Camera Louisville KY

Having the best security camera in Louisville, KY, is like having an investment. It is an investment for the security of your business and for your own peace of mind. Security cameras or CCTVs have become so mainstream that we find them in our streets, malls, parking lots, and everywhere staring back at us. Business owners are also relying now on security cameras in protecting their establishments and offices.

If you are planning to increase your security at home or at your business office, here are the things that you need to consider in finding the best security camera.

Field of View

A normal security camera comes with a 90 to 140 degrees field of view. If you want to cover a large area, you might need a security camera with a larger field of view or install multiple cameras in the area. Choosing a good angle to point your cameras in is helpful as well.


Most security cameras don’t have a 4k resolution or HD resolution. They don’t have too. Ideally you would want security cameras that have a clear resolution that ranges from 480p to 720p. If you can find a camera with night vision, then you are in luck because it means you can still monitor your business at night with clear visibility. Night vision and low light performance are essential in choosing the best security camera to have.

App Support

Why it is important to consider app support for your security camera? The reason you want to have a security camera is so you can monitor your home or business. If you are away on a trip, app support can help you continue monitoring your home. It means being able to watch your home from your phone or computer anywhere in the world.

Aside from these features, in order to find the best security camera Louisville, KY, you should also consider the source of power, storage, and cost. If you need a security camera system Louisville KY, then you can contact Sonitrol.