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Is It Time for You to Get Your Oceanside Health Insurance Policy Replaced?

Health insurance policies are designed to help you save money on your medical care. However, you may need to talk to a health insurance broker in Oceanside because the plan that you currently have may not be right for you. There are several signs that indicate you have the wrong health insurance plan.

You Want to See a Different Doctor, but You Can’t Afford It

If you are not happy with your current doctor but cannot afford to see another one, then it may be time for you to get a new health insurance plan. You want to get the best medical care possible, so you should not just keep going to the same doctor for the sake of convenience. A new plan can make it easier for you to find a good physician in your network.

You Are Still Paying for Preventive Care

The Affordable Care Act that was passed in 2010 required that all health insurance plans cover preventive care. However, if you selected your health insurance plan before 2010, then you may still have to pay for preventive care. You should not have to pay for things like yearly checkups and vaccines. That is why you should get a new insurance plan if your preventive care is not covered.

You Travel a Lot

If you travel a lot for business or pleasure and are worried about getting sick, then you may need a new insurance plan. Many health insurance plans will restrict the doctors you can see except for in the case of a medical emergency.

High Deductible

You may have a policy with a high deductible. However, your medical bills can quickly add up if you have a stroke, cancer, or get into an accident. You may need a plan with a lower deductible, lower co-pays, and lower max out of pocket. An agent can also assist in getting proper ancillary benefits in addition to medical insurance in the event of stroke, heart attack, or cancer and overall compensation if you cannot work for a period of time.

If you have been looking for a health insurance broker in Oceanside, then you can contact Serra Benefits & Insurance Services at and discover a better plan for you.