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Avoid the Mess with Hanging Artificial Plants!

If you have ever had to care for live hanging plant’s, you know what a mess it can be to take care of them properly. Hanging artificial plants are an easy choice when you do not want to deal with the mess of live plant care, but you still want the great look of living plants hanging around.

The Mess

Hanging pots have weep holes in the bottom of them to ensure that excess water can drip out. That is the first issue with live plants. All live plants need water. A hanging pot will have to either be taken down every time it requires water, or you will have to just let the drips fall to the ground. When you consider how many times a week you will have to water that plant and how many times a week you will have to either take it down or let it drip all over, hanging artificial plants start to make a lot more sense. Other mess potentials with live plants include:

  • Falling leaves
  • Soil falling from the planter
  • Muddy mess from overwatering

It can be a recipe for disaster when you have live plants hanging around.

Damage is Possible

Dripping water can cause damage to furnishings, flooring and more, not to mention the possibility of that mess dripping on anyone in the vicinity of the freshly watered hanging plant.

Just Avoid it All

Whether you are searching for the perfect hanging plants for a commercial space or for your home, artificial plants are simply the better choice. It is the no mess, no fuss way of enjoying beautiful greenery in any space. Evergreen Walls is your headquarters for life like artificial hanging plants that are made from high quality materials and that will provide years of enjoyment.

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