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How Natural Nicotine Products Help People Quit Smoking

Statistics from 2017 show a high incidence of smoking in many European countries. Greece tops the table with 37% of the population admitting to smoking. France and Bulgaria are next with 36%. Sweden is bottom of the table with just 7% of the population smoking, and the United Kingdom comes next on 17%.

Natural nicotine is derived from nightshade plants. Many people enjoy the experience of smoking and the way nicotine makes them feel. This makes quitting smoking very difficult. Yet quitting means smokers are no longer exposed to the many dangerous toxins in cigarettes, cigars, and other products. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is a good method for helping people quit. Here are some reasons why.

It Improves the Chances of Successfully Quitting

Your chances of quitting improve by around 50% if you opt for nicotine replacement therapy rather than going it alone. Natural nicotine is included in these products and is slowly released into the body. This contrasts with the large hit of nicotine produced when smoking. The hit does not last long, hence why smokers want another cigarette soon afterwards.

Natural Nicotine Comes in Many Forms

This form of nicotine can be used in many versions of NRT. Some people prefer using patches that cannot easily be seen by others. Some opt to use electronic cigarettes to maintain the feeling of smoking. Others choose gum.

The many ways nicotine can be added to products to help people stop smoking make it a versatile option for many. Quitting smoking is difficult. Using this method means people can stop being exposed to the toxins in cigarettes while still enjoying the effects of nicotine. Hence why the odds of quitting with such products are far better than the odds of going it alone.