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Getting the Help You Need With Food From Government and Private Services

When you need food for your family and can’t afford it, there are agencies that can offer assistance. Most government programs are operated by the USDA food commissary. Foods that are distributed are nutritious for families, especially children and elderly individuals. There are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re interested in trying to obtain this type of assistance.

Monthly Help

One of the first places to go would be your local department of social services, where you can apply for food stamp benefits and other programs that offer food that you can get at least once a month. Keep in mind that the amount you receive from these programs is often based on your monthly income. Families who receive food stamp benefits that are provided by the USDA food commissary usually get free lunch for children in the home as well.

Local Groups That Provide Food

Another option would be to go to a food bank. This is a facility that receives food supplies from the government and organizations in the community to help those who are in need. Some organizations of this nature can deliver food to your home if you’re unable to drive and have no other way to get to the location. There are usually soup kitchens available as well.

Assistance After a Disaster

When a disaster such as a hurricane occurs, it can be difficult to focus on food if your home has been destroyed. The USDA steps in to help by providing food for families impacted by the disaster. You will usually have to complete an application to show that you do live in the area. Meals are often served at local shelters and other centers that are established in secure locations near where the disaster occurred, so families and individuals can get hot, nourishing meals during the day.