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Hiring a Paper Shredder Has Many Benefits

Most people think that professional paper shredding only applies to documents and the like. However, many of these companies also offer hard drive shredding in Denver. While you cannot shred a hard drive, there are ways to destroy it so that no information can be retrieved. You’ve probably got seemingly endless customer documents, databases, online accounts, and more, all stored on that little drive. It’s important that no one can get that information; while erasing all the information and reformatting it to factory settings can help, it’s not a sure-fire way to ensure that all information is gone.

XpresShred offers a variety of services, including the ability to destroy hard drives. However, it primarily focuses on shredding documents. If you know that you need a lot of papers shredded, you may find drop off shredding convenient. You can drop the box off and know that it is in safe hands. Along with such, truck shredding is also available. A truck with the appropriate supplies can shred all of your documents at your site, ensuring that there are just tiny bits of paper that can’t easily be deciphered.

Mobile shredding is one of the most popular options. You still get the peace of mind knowing that the documents are going to be shredded, but you don’t have to do more than gather all the documents together. The shredder comes to you and picks up all the paperwork, taking it to the truck waiting outside. All the documents are shredded on the premises, which ensures that no information can get lost or stolen on the way back to the shredding facility. It’s highly convenient for you because you don’t have to take the documents anywhere or worry that the driver might sell the documents rather than shredding them as was agreed.