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How to Pick Flowers for a Funeral

If a friend of relative of yours has passed away, it may be time to attend a funeral. It is tradition to provide the family of the deceased with a flower arrangement as a showing of sympathy. Yet, how do you pick out the right arrangement? Follow these steps to get a proper flower arrangement for a funeral.

Relationship Considerations

Before rushing out and buying flowers, think about what your relation is to the deceased person. This will determine the size and delivery method for the flower arrangement. If you are closely related to the person, you should opt for larger funeral arrangements in Palm Beach FL. These include a wreath or casket spray. You may also want to use flowers that symbolize love, such as heart-shaped arrangements.

Extended family members should send medium-sized arrangements. For example, a spray that stands on its own. You can also opt for something more informal, such as an arrangement that you pick out yourself. People who are friends or co-workers of the deceased may want to stick with smaller options. In this case, it is appropriate to send a bouquet or small arrangement to the home of the family.

Make it Personal

Your flowers should reflect something that the decreased cared deeply about. This shows that you put some thought and care into the gift. You could try sending flowers in the person’s favorite color. Alternatively, you could send funeral arrangements Palm Beach FL from a particular region that the deceased liked to visit. However you do it, you want to add a personal touch to the arrangement.

A Little More on Colors

You have to be careful when choosing the colors of the flower arrangement. Different colors have different meanings. It is always a good idea to avoid red flowers. Instead, choose white flowers which are associated with peace and comfort. You may also go with a hue of blue to promote a feeling of calmness. Just be sure to avoid any colors that will not be appropriate for the event.