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Buy A Battle Ready Katana From Blade City

Blade City has the battle ready Katanas you are looking for, by supplying some of the highest quality knives on the market. If you are looking for high end brands like Kershaw Knives, Gerber, CRKT, Spyderco, Viper Tea, Mantis, Böker, Smith & Wesson, Bolt Crossbows, Cold Steel, S-TEC, Ripper Blades,Benchmark, Bear & Son Cutler, SOG, or Artisan Cutlery you can take advantage of Blade City’s free worldwide shipping and easy 30-day returns and refunds. Blade City confidently sells you the best equipment on the market by making sure you are satisfied %100 percent or your money back, guaranteed.

Blade City sells some of the most unique and hard to find knives on the market today. From sets like the 3 piece throwing knife set, to the combination 2-in-1 sling shot pocket knife, you are going to find the perfect blade for the perfect price at Blade City. Blade City even has some of the coolest Katana Swords that you could ask for, like the Dual Black Katana 2-sword set that comes with sheath, so you can be equipped with battle ready Katanas at all times. By being one of man’s earliest weapons, ‘The Thumper’ Middle Ages Spiked Battle Club is a perfect piece for your blade collection, and you will be able to find yourself at a medieval fair or event in style.

Specialty items offered by Blade City like the grenade ice cube mold will make every drink you mix more unique, and the 4 inch spider shaped throwing star will impress your audience of blade lovers. So if you are looking for something old school like a butterfly knife or switch blade, something classic like a Gerber outdoors man blade, or battle ready katanas to expand your collection, Blade City has something for you.