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Reasons to Hire an Email Marketing Services Company

Almost all companies in the United States use email marketing as part of their overall marketing mix. And many prefer this type of marketing over all other types. For one thing, it works fast and generates tons of responses. But there is an art to composing and sending out emails, which is where an email marketing services firm can help you. And following are some of the benefits to using one.

Save on Labor

An Email Marketing Services in San Francisco firm will only charge you when they send out emails and manage the overall function. This is significantly less expensive than hiring an email marketing specialist and paying them an annual salary and medical benefits.

Targeted Names

Because most email marketing specialists have access to millions of targeted names, they can better help you reach the right customers. Many of these names come from in-house lists because these firms work with other companies in your industry. And it would take you many years to generate the number of contacts that any number of these companies have available.

Follow-Up Management

Your Email Marketing Services in San Francisco agency can save you a tremendous amount of time in automating your email response system. This is crucial because it sometimes takes a number of different emails to get clients to respond. Your company will also be well-versed with landing pages and autoresponders to keep these operations running smoothly.

Additional Services

Email marketing is usually just one function that Email Marketing Services in San Francisco firms offer. Many will also do content writing, E-newsletters, search engine optimization, social media and pay-per-click marketing, campaign management, market research and even analytics and tracking.

Increase Leads and Sales

The collective marketing efforts of your email marketing team will significantly increase your website traffic and leads. Then, once your reps start calling and visiting these prospects, you’ll increase sales as well.

If you’re interested in adding direct mail to your marketing mix, then drop us a line. We’re standing by to answer any questions, and, most importantly, to help you get your mail opened.