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3 Things to Consider When Picking a Wedding Reception Venue

As you help plan your wedding day, you are going to make a lot of decisions. One of those decisions will be to pick out your wedding reception venue. While looking at all the available options, it is important to remember the characteristics of the perfect venue will possess. There are many Wedding Reception Venues Katy TX at your disposal, so you should keep your vision clear.

Here are three things to consider when picking out your wedding reception venue.

How Many Guests are you Inviting?

As you visit and view the available venues for your wedding reception, keep in mind the number of guests you are planning to invite. Not all are going to show up, but you should stick to the number of invitations you sent out as a marker. Each venue has maximum attendance restrictions they must adhere to as laid out by the fire department. Not only will going over them pose a potential risk, but it could also mean that your guests will be more crowded in together and not as comfortable as they should be.

What is the Venue Offering?

Every venue is different. From shape to capacity, no two venues are exactly alike. Each venue will also offer different add-ons. Some are equipped to provide catering services, a kitchen and dance floor while others can only rent the venue, as is, to you. As you pick out the venue for your wedding reception, take into consideration any special features and add-ons they can include to your package.

Is it in Your Budget?

It is very tempting to go over your allotted budget for this special event. It is also great to remain within your budget so you can start your marriage without a lot of debt.

Wedding Reception Venues Katy TX are available.