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Cool Rug for Home That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

If you are looking for a way to boost the décor in your room, a cool rug can make a major impact in the space. The right rug will pull together all of the color accents in the room. It can add color to a neutral palette or soften the edges of a more contemporary space.

A Wistful Seaside Vibe

A light rug that features hints of ocean blue mixed with neutral colors like white, gray, or beige, will give the room a pleasant look. Soft florals or stripes are the perfect way to give the space a cool, beach-inspired look.

Go a Little Boho

If you love the look of boho, but do not want to commit to bright paint, a vibrant rug is just what you need. Since the bright color will be on the floor, it will be much easier on the eyes. Go ahead and indulge in an exciting hue that you love.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern décor features clean lines and colorful furniture. A cool, new area rug provides the perfect opportunity to add a vibrant splash of color. The furniture is often typically the focal point with this style, so the rug should feature a bold pattern.

Tropical Fun

For a tropical style that is not over the top, try a bold rug with a big pattern and vibrant colors. Add some artwork or throw pillows to pull the accent colors from the rug and bring together the room.

Coordinated Rooms

Many homes today feature an open floor plan that blends the living room and dining room. The key to this type of space is to tie the two rooms together while ensuring each area maintains uniqueness. A simple way to tie these spaces together is with a shared color with different patterns.

Regardless of the pattern, each rug will emphasize the décor of your home uniquely. Adding a cool rug to your home in Seattle, WA will not only boost the décor but also provide a level of protection for your floors.