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6 Things to Know Before You Start a Career as a Radiologist Technologist

Thinking of becoming a radiologic technologist? Here are six things you need to know.

You’ll need CE credits

You’ll need to earn radiology continuing education credits to keep your licensure and certification. Make sure you find a trusted training provider for the program.

You’ll talk to patients

You also adjust and maintain the imaging equipment. You need to answer patients’ questions, guide them through the procedures, check their medical history and provide them with the information they need to ensure they fully understand the risks and reasons behind the imaging procedure.

You need to be fit

You’re going to work long hours, most of them spent on your feet. You need to be fit and healthy to make sure you can provide patients with the help and assistance they need, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says.

You need math

Sadly, for all math-impaired students out there, you’re going to need math to calculate and mix the chemical doses in imaging procedures. This can be learned, though, so it shouldn’t throw up a major roadblock for you.

You should notice the details

Attention to the detail is one of the top qualities of a radiologic technologist. You need to follow all the instructions strictly. A little misstep can compromise the results or skew them towards erroneous findings. That’s bad news. Doctors use those images to treat a patient or prescribe medication. The wrong images can lead to bad consequences for the patient.

You need technical skills

As a technologist, you’ll be working a lot with the diagnostic imaging equipment and machines. Be sure that you understand every word on how to operate the complex machinery. Undergo training so you’re well-up-date on medical technologists and practices. Earn your radiology continuing education credits to make that happen.

If you are studying to become a radiologic technologist, make sure you’re well aware of these things.