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Dogs and Lawn Care

We all love our pets, but for those of us who are also homeowners, it can sometimes be a challenge to not have our pets, especially where dogs are concerned, destroy our lawns. However, there are actually a lot of misconceptions about dogs and lawn care. After years of providing lawn care services in Cumming, we feel confident in being able to dispel some of the myths and rumors and help you separate the fact from the fiction.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a couple of moments to go into some of the most important aspects of dealing with dogs and lawn care.

Should I Panic If My Dog Eats Grass?

Honestly, the answer to this question should be a little more obvious when you think about all the things worse than grass your dog has eaten, but no, you should not panic if your dog eats grass, unless it has been recently chemically treated.

In fact, in a lot of cases, dogs actually eat grass as a way to help them treat an upset stomach because it causes them to throw up whatever it is that made them sick in the first place.

You Can Repair Pet Damage to Your Lawn

Though it may seem frustrating to see areas on your lawn that have brown spots, which is actually due to the salt in your dog’s urine, it’s actually possible to repair those spots and get your lawn looking bright, fresh and green again with a little water and potentially some new seedst.

For more information on lawn care services in Cumming, contact Absolute Lawn Pros through their website to learn more.