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Common Ways to Restore Fire Damage in Idaho Falls, ID

According to the latest reports, fire departments across the United States respond to an estimated 355,000 structure fires each year. These fires are responsible for more than $6 million dollars in damages. Though some of this damage is devastating and irreversible, companies are available to help Restore Fire Damage in Idaho Falls ID. Services like these can go a long way toward reducing both financial and emotional losses following a fire.


In homes not completely lost to fire, those days and weeks following the incident are critical. Windows are known to burst from the heat of a fire, and any holes left in walls and roofs can allow passing storms to cause additional damage. Restoration companies offer board-up services for damaged doors and windows. They also provide tarping for other structural damage to prevent destruction after the fact.

Soot Cleanup

For some, direct fire damage is minimal but the soot it generates causes plenty of destruction in its own right. This byproduct of fire leaves its mark on walls, flooring, ceilings, appliances and other home furnishings and isn’t easily removed by conventional means. Professional restoration companies have distinct methods for remedying soot as well as other types of damage resulting from fires.

Smoke Removal

Even if smoke damage can’t be seen, its odor tends to linger as a continual reminder of the incident and just how extensive its aftermath could have been. Smoke residue can also lead to a wide range of respiratory problems. Among the methods to Restore Fire Damage in Idaho Falls ID is smoke odor removal, a technique involving specialized equipment and solvents not available to the general public.

Water Damage Restoration

Water and other suppressants used to extinguish fires can cause plenty of destruction on their own. If not taken care of promptly, they can leave behind noticeable stains and offer perfect environments for mold and mildew growth. Restoration experts are able to clean up residual water damage and thwart its long-term effects.

Flames aren’t always directly responsible for damage in homes and businesses experiencing fires. In some cases, soot, smoke and water are the primary culprits. Regardless of the type of damage left behind after a fire, restoration companies can help reverse its effects. Whether you need to implement a proactive plan of action or require 24-hour emergency service, reach out to a local fire and water remediation expert for help.