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Backup Power You Can Depend On

You never know when the electricity could go out. If it does, are you prepared? Some power outages only last for a few minutes. Some last for many days. If you are not prepared for the unexpected, your safety and well-being could be at risk. We install reliable back up generators in Winnetka. We only install products that we would feel confident using for ourselves.

Installing a back up generator provides you with peace of mind. You will not have to stress worrying over whether or not the power will go out the next time that severe weather is predicted for the area. You will not have to leave the premises or turn people away from your business. You can continue to power essential systems such as a sump pump, freezer, computer server or refrigeration system. We have generators manufactured by world-class companies that have the capacity to power a furnace or air conditioner, too.

We assist you in selecting the right back up generator to suit your needs for emergency electricity. Our installation process is as efficient as possible. When the installation is complete, we show you how to safely operate the generator. We recommend scheduling an annual maintenance visit for the generator. During this maintenance visit, we check the system in order to ensure that it is safe and ready to be used at any time.

At Penco Electric Inc., we are proud to install high-quality back up generators in Winnetka. We can help you assess your required capacity for electrical power and choose the right generator to serve your needs. Our technicians also maintain generators after the installation process. You can count on us for all of your generator needs. Call us or visit us online and order to schedule an appointment for an estimate.