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Deciding Which Mattress Side is Right for You

You might be surprised to find out just how many mattress sizes are available on the market. You may have heard of single, double, queen, and king mattresses, but your choices go much farther than that. You can choose mattresses that are extra-long, as well as a custom size foam mattress. Once you know all of the options, it can be a little overwhelming to choose just one. That’s where we can help. We’ll explain what mattress sizes work best for what situations so you can select the ideal one for yourself.

Single Mattresses

Single mattresses are most often used when a single person needs to sleep in a particular bed. Many people choose this mattress site for guest rooms, children’s room, and even home bedrooms if only one person sleeps on the bed. The traditional size for this mattress if an adult will be using it is 75 x 36”. However, you can also find them a bit shorter, taller, wider, or slimmer, depending on your needs. Flo Mattress offers mattresses from 72 x 36” all the way up to 78 x 48” for a single bed.

Queen Mattresses

Queen mattresses are larger than singles and typically accommodate two sleepers. The traditional size is 80 x 60”, which is quite a bit larger than a single bed. This is the most common bed size around the globe. Two people can sleep comfortably together, along with pets or kids. However, they require a larger room. These do well in guest rooms or rooms for older children, too. As always, you can find a queen in other sizes depending on the company.

King Mattresses

The largest mattresses out there are king size. These are best for couples who want extra space to stretch out. The typical size is 80 x 76”, which is larger across than two single mattresses. Those who like to relax in bed or take part in activities will have tons of space to do so. But remember that you need a large room for this sort of bed and that even larger versions exist on the market.

If you’re ready for a custom size foam mattress, the experts at Flo Mattress are here to help. You can view our different styles of mattresses and choose the right one for you easily. Click here to view our mattresses.