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Items that uses Long Shipping boxes

What are long shipping boxes? These are the boxes that are perfect for narrow items. They usually have wide openings on the top, designed for easy loading. And these types of boxes open on the long side. Long shipping boxes come in many sizes. Here are a few items that are perfect for these types:


You can’t fit a skateboard in a square box. That is why sometimes, these are also called skateboard boxes. Just because their design is a perfect fit.


Carpets are better rolled that folded. This what’s makes the long type of shipping box perfect for it. No matter what size the rug is, the ideal packaging would be to use this kind.


With the rise of blogging and video blogging, so has the popularity of a tripod. The selfie stick is not that popular anymore, but the tripod has proven its use to the internet celebrities time and time again. Due to its stand, the long shipping box is the perfect box for the item.

Golf clubs

Of course, the way clubs are designed there is no question that long shipping box is the ideal packaging for this item. One would only need a few things to help secure it, like packing peanuts.

In a world full of different items, there are a whole lot more that’s not on the list. These are just samples on what you can use to fit long shipping boxes. For a durable kind, check out Express packing with over forty years of experience under their belt. There is nothing better than knowing that your items not only fit, but they are safe too.