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Top Reasons To Complete Residential Water Testing In West Bend, WI Homes

People are more conscious and focused on safety in all aspects of life. They choose low VOC materials for construction in the home, they avoid the use of particular chemicals around the family, and they ensure that everything from paint to food items are safe to have around.

One commonly overlooked issue in this residential safety plan is the water. Companies like Schaefer’s Soft Water can provide residential water testing and also provide solutions for hard water and water contaminants.

In West Bend, WI, residential water testing should always include water hardness tests. There are several reasons to have your water tested on a routine basis, but there are also key indicators that an immediate test should be scheduled to rule out any water problems.

Stomach Issues

While there are a lot of viruses and germs that can be going around the schools and businesses in and nearby West Bend, WI that result in digestive upsets, the source of the problem can also be drinking water. If guests suddenly report gastrointestinal problems after visiting or if it seems like people in the family are chronically having these problems, E. coli and other bacteria can be to blame.

Testing can determine if this or other bacteria are present, and then corrective action can be taken to eliminate the source of the problem.

Stains and Build Up

Signs of soap scum left on bathtubs, dishes, and clothing is usually a key indicator of hard water problems in the home. Other signs to watch for include spots on dishes and glasses left to dry, itchy skin after showering or bathing and strange stains on bathroom and plumbing fixtures.

If you suspect you have hard water, call in a service and have your water tested. There are water softeners available that can correct the problem and restore your water.

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