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Escape from a Fire

When you are thinking about having safety equipment in your home or business, you should consider buying a portable fire escape ladder. If you live in a multilevel home or apartment building, then escaping when a fire occurs is dangerous. While firefighters can use a bucket truck to help you or place a device underneath the window to prevent injury as you are jumping, if they don’t arrive fast enough, then you risk a serious injury or death trying to escape from flames. If several people need to escape from a burning building at one time, then the right type of ladder will hold a lot of weight.

Easy to Carry

A portable fire escape ladder is easier to carry and use than a traditional ladder. You can find these pieces of safety equipment in different lengths to meet your needs. The device has a metal support system to hold it over a building’s windowsill securely. If you practice rolling the ladder down the side of a building, then you will notice that there are small metal devices that keep the rungs of the ladder away from the wall. This makes it easier for you to descend quickly down the ladder when there is a fire.

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When you are selecting a portable fire escape ladder, it should be made of fire-resistant materials such as steel and nylon. To make it easier to use the ladder, it should have slip-resistant rungs because you may need to climb down it without any shoes. Experts recommend storing one of these ladders underneath a bed or near to a window, and you should teach everyone where it is located. Contact First Alert Inc., at our website located at to learn more about our fire safety equipment.