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Zirconia Burs – Manufactured for Efficiency

Used in both dental work and laboratory environments, zirconia burs are an indispensable tool that is designed for working with hard ceramics and even other zirconia. Cutting and trimming are two of the primary functions, but you can rest assured that they are growing in popularity when it comes to the dental industry.

Use in Dental Restoration

Burs are often used for adjustments, the two most common being crowns and bridges. These, as you would expect, are used for cutting durable ceramics and are becoming very important in the cutting of zirconia crowns. Zirconia burs as a crown material is becoming much more popular than predicted which is why we see more of these burs manufactured. If you are running a dental practice, then it only makes sense to have them on hand.

Less Force, Better Efficiency

Zirconia is quickly gaining in popularity because it is strong and it looks good. The interesting thing about it, however, is that it does not respond well to cutting by a traditional diamond bur. Diamond burs require more force and therefore generate more heat which will deform the crown and put the patient in potential danger. That being said, zirconia is the preferred option because it cuts through the material much more efficiently as you would expect.

Zirconia has provided a solution to many of the problems that have been facing the dental industry especially when it comes to crown cutting. As a dental practice, you must consider adding this to your arsenal of tools for the sake of efficiency and for the protection of your patients – it’s one of the smartest things that you can do!