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A Quick Introduction to Powder Coating

Powder coating is a complex process that creates a more appealing and stronger coating on metal surfaces. Beginners may easily get lost in its processes and jargon, but this can be easily remedied. Whether you’re a curious passerby or someone whose newly established line of business is a coating line, here’s what you need to know about powder coating systems:


Pre-treatment refers to the cleaning of a metal object or metal surface, usually the part where the powder will be applied. This is done either through chemical or other methods.

2.Powder Application

Once the metal part has been cleaned, the next step to powder coating systems is the application of powder on the metal part. There are also a number of ways in applying powder, but the most common among all of them is using a special gone called a corona gun. The powder is positively charged by the gun before it is sprayed on the metal part. This ensures that the powder will be difficult to remove, and will create an appealing sheen over the metal part.


The final step to the powder coating system is through curing. As the name suggests, the powdered metal part is placed in an environment with an elevated temperature that allows the powder to melt and flow out. The temperature required for this process is approximately 200 degrees Celsius, which can be provided by a convection cure oven, infrared cure oven, or through a laser curing process.


Complex powder coating systems are not that difficult to decipher in the long-run. First-time manufacturers may find some benefit in reviewing the process before choosing their equipment, and then decide on how to go about their own processes, depending on the need.