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What Is Kinetic Art?

In the world of art, there are so many different types and formats. You can have paintings, sculptures, works of literature, music, film and many subgenres within these. One of the more modern types of art is called kinetic. As the name alludes, kinetic art involves an installation that includes some type of movement.

Some argue that this definition is inadequate because everything in the universe is constantly moving. Some argue that a better definition may be the movement included in art to achieve a desired effect once perceived by the viewer. Either way, regardless of how you define it, kinetic art definitely stands out as a unique art form. There are many different applications, and because of the three-dimensional nature, the potential size of installations can grow in scale quickly.

Where Can You Place Kinetic Sculptures?

Because of the variety available in kinetic sculptures, you can place them in a lot of different locations. For example, in a commercial space there may be a lot of wall space. Therefore, you have two options. You can have a kinetic sculpture that is mounted directly onto the wall. When the sculpture moves, it can create patterns and also an interesting shadow. The other option is to place the kinetic sculpture in front of the bare wall. This will become the focal point. Choosing to put a sculpture that is freestanding can heighten the depth and three-dimensional feel of the piece.

If you have an outdoor space, like a garden or patio, a kinetic sculpture could add a lot of visual variety. You could purchase a kinetic sculpture that responds to the wind and every time the breeze blows the sculpture will respond in an interesting and thought provoking way. Kinetic sculptures can also incorporate water. This can be very attractive when placed inside a garden as well. In a residence, kinetic sculptures can be used in any variety of places. They can be used as wall art or floor sculptures.

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