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5 Tips for Choosing between Private Event Venues in Glendale, AZ

Hosting a private event? Want to ensure that it’s as fun and enjoyable as possible? The right venue will make all the difference. Of course, Glendale’s a big place, with a wide range of venues on offer. How do you choose between the various private event venues in Glendale, AZ, and ensure that you’re making the right choice? Here are five tips to get you started.


First, consider the venue’s location. Is it in an out of the way place? Will it be difficult for your attendees to reach it? Is it central to public transit? Is there nearby parking for those who drive themselves? Any private event venues in Glendale, AZ, should offer a central location that is easily reachable, and it should be accessible by car, by public transit, or by Uber/Lyft, as well.


Of course, you’re going to want to make sure that the venue you choose can accommodate the size of your group. Smaller venues may struggle to accommodate larger groups, or you might be faced with renting out the entire venue, rather than a portion of it. That sometimes comes with a high cost.

Food and Drink

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or an upcoming marriage, you’ll want to make sure that your guests have plenty of food and drink. And you’ll most certainly want to go beyond chain store pizza and paper cups of punch! The best private event venues in Glendale, AZ, will offer you a scratch-made menu of American favorites, from gourmet burgers to delectable pizza and more. Your guests should also be able to enjoy whatever beverages they might want, from soda and beer to shots and 40-ounce fish bowls.


What sort of service does the venue offer? Are you on your own, with your guests having to fight the crowd at the bar to get a refill on their rum and Coke? Or, does the venue offer dedicated wait staff to help cater to your attendees’ needs?


Finally, make sure that you choose a venue that can offer outstanding entertainment. Private event venues in Glendale, AZ, should make your night on the town as enjoyable as possible without you having to do anything extra.

At Low Key Piano Bar, we offer the capacity you need, dedicated wait staff, a central location, outstanding food and drink, and some of the best entertainment in Glendale. We look forward to serving your needs.