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Want to Make a Career in Real Estate? Join a Temporary Staffing Agency

It is amazing how quickly the “house flipping” concept has taken off, and there are thousands of people who now make money by purchasing, renovating and flipping homes and other properties. This is one way to make a career in real estate, but if you prefer just to do the hands-on work required but find it hard to locate long-term or ongoing jobs, a construction staffing agency may be for you.

What is a construction staffing agency? Just like a traditional staffing agency, a construction staffing agency is one that specializes in pairing skilled (and even some unskilled) workers with construction companies, contractors and other firms that need them. While you can always put in your name with a traditional temp service, it is far more efficient to work with one that specializes in your area of interest. After all, you may want to get your foot in the proverbial door by working in general construction, but you might also have dreams of opening your painting service but don’t yet have the expertise.

By working through a temp service that focuses on construction, you can work with people who have already become masters in their trade. They can teach you everything about drywall, concrete, masonry, painting, carpentry and more. And whether your goal is to remain as a temporary crew member, enjoying the flexibility and variability of temp work, or you want to build an authentic career in some area of real estate and construction, this sort of service is a powerful key to your success.

How would you get started? It is the simplest thing imaginable, and you don’t even have to put together a resume. Instead, you would take the time to get in touch with a construction staffing agency. They might have job listings ,and they might also speak with you about your interests, experiences ,and goals. They would pre-screen you to be sure any references are checked, and then begin sending you to job sites for which you are a good fit!

You get to know all of the professionals in the area and may even be offered a permanent role in a company that likes your work and work ethic. The key is to enjoy the sort of flexibility and reliability that a staffing service can provide. Whether you are skilled or unskilled, if you are in the Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area and want to begin a career in real estate and construction, Stafforce is ready to help and can help you get started today.