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How Assays Help with Diagnosis

The race to identify and then treat a disease is one against both time and the challenges the disease presents. In order to minimize complications from the disease, early detection is the best option. Assays allow for this to occur, both in a timely fashion and with enhanced accuracy.

What Is an Assay?

An assay is a method doctors use to look into the type of disease or condition someone may have. The target indicator of the disease or its activity is known as the analyte. There are a few different things that can be learned in the performance of an assay. uses Transcreener assays to determine these things. The presence of a disease or condition can be detected. Particularly after the onset of symptoms, there is often a concern as to the identity of the actual condition the person is dealing with. An assay can help determine this.

The amount of an analyte is another factor that can be determined by an assay. This is especially helpful in determining the extent or severity of a disease or condition. If the presence of the analyte is detected, only half the job has been accomplished. The amount of the analyte present can also help determine how much the disease has progressed. If it is present in areas other than where doctors originally expected, this can be used to accelerate the pace of treatment or make adjustments to the treatment options, saving valuable time. specializes in this type of important work through the use of assays.

The activity of an analyte can also be observed. The level of functionality of the analyte can be a factor upon which several treatment options may depend. If a disease is multiplying, this can be detected, and if it is on the move, this activity can be analyzed as well. Furthermore, the growth of a disease can be analyzed by examining the presence and activity of analytes. Kinase assay kits can be used to make these types of analysis. Transcreener ADP2 kinase assays can accomplish this using a sensitive antibody against ADP and a far-red tracer.

New technologies like the Transcreener ADP2 kinase assay help those who need to grab an important edge over diseases that would otherwise go misunderstood or even undiagnosed altogether. Gaining advantages in this manner helps save time, money, and most importantly, lives. Bellbrook Labs can be contacted via their website, or over the phone at 866-313-7881.

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