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DVD Authoring Services: Your Content on Timeless DVD

If you are a content producer and you have a film, documentary, or media creation that you want to preserve, you will need professional DVD authoring services. While DVD is now considered an older format when compared to Blu-ray media, DVD is still considered the “mainstream” media that you need to produce your content on.

Remember to always begin with the end in mind. When planning to produce DVD media, remember that DVD uses the following specs.
-29.97 fps
-48 kHz sampling rate for audio
-16 bit or 24 bit PCM
-File type: Mpeg-2 (Dvd compatible)

It is essential that you consider these technical specs when creating a video that you plan to write to DVD later. You will want to choose the standard DVD rendering option and make sure you write the file to an MPEG-2 format. There are conversion tools if you have HD footage that you need to “downconvert” to DVD format.

This can be a complicated process if you are not tech-savvy or if you are not a digital producer. But there is help to be found. You can hire a professional DVD authoring professional to help.

Timeless DVD media is predicted to outlast VHS video by at least ten times the amount of time when compared to a 10-year-old VHS tape. Most VHS tape that was created just a decade ago is now unusable. That’s why people are hurrying to find a VHS-to-DVD conversion service provider so that they will not lose their irreplaceable media.

If you need DVD authoring services, it’s not hard to find, providing you know where to look. Start with a professional DVD authoring services expert like . They provide the best authoring service that you can find anywhere. They also offer a host of other types of services like Blu-ray authoring, editing, and DVD protective services.