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Fire Safety Inspections Reduce Fire Risk

If your fire protection equipment is not regularly checked, you can run into some major problems with respect to fire safety legislation and liability. That is why it is essential that you contact a company that will regularly perform testing and inspections.

Where to Learn More Online

You can find out more about inspections, testing, and maintenance when you visit a site such as online. Take a few moments to review the complete listing of services and make plans to have your fire protection equipment inspected and tested without delay. The sooner you set up some schedules, the better you will feel about your building’s overall security and safety.

Restaurant Fire Suppression Equipment

When fire safety inspections are made, they are usually performed every year or semi-annually. For example, a restaurant fire suppression system is inspected and tested every six months. This is because restaurants have an increased fire risk. Therefore, their fire suppression equipment must be tested more often.

Inspections for Wet Stand Pipes and Dry Stand Pipes

Fire safety inspections for wet stand pipes and dry stand pipes occur every five years while fire pumps are evaluated annually. The pumps are also churned monthly to ensure their performance. Clean agent systems receive semi-yearly tests and inspections while fire hoses are inspected annually.

Setting Aside Time

You have to set aside a specific schedule for the fire safety inspections and maintenance of your fire extinguishers. These items should receive an annual safety inspection and receive maintenance six years from the manufacture date.

Meet Compliance Requirements

As you can see, you can never be too safe. That is why fire safety inspections and testing are encouraged and advised. By scheduling regular servicing and tests, you will reduce your level of risk and stay compliant with any current laws and regulations. If you would like to set up a time for testing or inspections, contact a local company that features a full line of testing, maintenance, and inspection services. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.