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Do You Always Need an Apostille Stamp?

If you’re in the midst of preparing to move abroad, there’s no doubt you have quite a few responsibilities on your plate. There is a lot to do to prepare, from making sure your current home and all of its utilities are properly accounted for to ensuring your loved ones are prepared for the move as well. However, there is one additional responsibility that comes with moving abroad. A sizeable number of countries require you to seek apostille from the Secretary of State. Here is how to best approach that process.

When to Seek Apostille Assistance

The concept of needing an apostille from the Secretary of State ties directly to the Hague Convention, which took place in 1961. Several countries took part in this agreement; it ultimately stated certain countries require official documentation and apostille from the Secretary of State prior to allowing a citizen to move to that specific country. It serves as a form of legalization and identification.

Which Countries Require Apostille Services?

There are many countries that require an apostille from the Secretary of State prior to your relocation. They include China, Australia, Italy, Austria, Spain, Liberia, Iceland, Lithuania, Ireland, the United States, India, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia, Barbados, Honduras and several others.

The Documentation an Apostille Needs

You must obtain an apostille from the Secretary of State on any documents you received from government officials prior to 1992, as well as your diplomas and other educational certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates and marriage certificates. The same goes for any members of your family who will also be moving with you. You may also need certification from your tax authority registration, as well as proof of your criminal history, or lack thereof.

To learn more about how to seek apostille from the Secretary of State, contact US Authentication Services by calling 1-703-971-7226 or visiting their website.