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Your Guide to Finding a New Catholic Church

Regardless of what circumstance has led your family to look for a new parish, deciding between local Catholic churches can be difficult. There are a number of factors to consider when searching for the right church to call home. Here’s your guide to finding the right fit for your family and faith:

Start Online

Most churches these days offer extensive information about their services and mission statement online. Some may even allow you to virtually attend services or see the summary of the weekly mass message there. Start here to find the information you need to determine if a church might be the right fit for you.

Talk About Your Family’s Needs

Do you have young children? Are you raising teenagers and preparing to send the kids off to college? Is it just you and your spouse? All these scenarios call for different elements in a church, and each should be weighed in determining the right fit for your family’s home church. Look at what your potential new church offers regarding children’s ministries and programs, as well as programs for teens, young adults, and older adults. Find the right fit for your entire family by matching those offerings to your needs.

Think About Your Spiritual Needs

A church must be a place where you can learn and grow in your faith. Access your spiritual needs before committing to a church. You’ll find what you and your family need without sacrificing your potential for enrichment and education – or your personal relationship with your faith.


You can’t find a church home without treating your current church like home. In the first few weeks of attending your new church, show up to mass regularly and attend confession. The sooner you start acting like your new church is home, the sooner it will feel like it.

There are many Catholic churches in Detroit and choosing between them can seem impossible. Let your family’s spiritual needs be your guide and avoid church-shopping; no Catholic church is perfect, but you will eventually find the perfect one for you.