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Should You Always Use Stainless Steel Deck Screws in Grand Blanc MI?

If you’re building a new deck for your home, you may now be wondering why you chose such an extensive project. It can be tough to take on such a project, especially if you’re a beginner. While most people worry about what wood to use, staining products, and how to keep it looking great each year, you must first start with how you’re going to keep the wood together. Stainless steel deck screws in Grand Blanc MI are the perfect solution for many reasons.

Why They’re Beneficial

While there are seemingly endless screw materials out there, stainless steel is one of the best because they are resistant to corrosion. Even a covered deck is exposed to the elements, so it makes sense that you use a material for the screws that won’t allow for as much damage over time.

You can also find many grades of stainless steel. Most people aren’t aware of this, but it is important to know. Stainless steel can corrode in some conditions; if you live near the water, you may need a marine-grade stainless steel product.

See the Screw Heads or Not?

Another consideration is whether you want to see the screw head after you have fully built the deck. If you don’t care that they are seen, you can choose a standard stainless steel version, such as a flat-head. Of course, they won’t peek out from the wood, but you can still see them. If you do not want to see the screw head, you do have some options for hiding them.

The easiest way to hide the head is to paint it the same color as the wood. They’re still in plain sight, but they’re camouflaged enough that most people won’t notice. Of course, if they get close to the joins, they are likely to see a slight indent. Visit Fasteners Resource and Industrial Supply for more information.