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4 Indications You Need New Windows Today

Window do a lot: they protect your home from the elements, keep your home insulated, and improve curb appeal. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced them, though, then shopping for new ones is already long overdue.

Can’t be closed

If you can no longer lock your windows all the way, then those are possible security risks. An Andersen window replacement in Glenview, IL should fit the bill quite nicely if you want options that are going to last for the long term. With those units in place, you can close your windows, forget about possible intruders gaining entry into your home through those access points, and enjoy some much-needed peace of mind.

Can’t be opened

In case a fire breaks out, and you find yourself trapped in your home, your windows can offer you a possible escape route. That’s not going to happen, though, if you can’t open your windows at all. That’s a good reason to get an Andersen window replacement in Glenview, IL as soon as possible. With windows that work hitch-free, you won’t have to worry about getting locked in without a way out.

Drafts and leaks

If your windows are made of wood, then they’re bound to warp over time. Want to check? Stand beside the windows. Do you feel a draft? That means you need a replacement, the Massachusetts Real Estate News says. Those drafts could be responsible for a lot of the energy loss that’s spiking your energy consumption costs. If you want to reduce your bills, look into shopping for replacements sooner rather than later.

Wear and deterioration

If your windows show a lot of signs of wear and deterioration, then it’s safe to say that a replacement is a must. Be sure to shop around for long-term options for excellent results.