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Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

At one time or another virtually every business finds the need to have their locks replaced or rekeyed. Most business owners and responsible executives know that a commercial locksmith is the one to hire for those services. But are you aware of all the services a commercial locksmith in Rancho Cordova can provide you? In to the traditional services, they can simplify your locks by changing them out so that every door of your business opens with one single key. You will be able to access any office in your building with a master key.

Restricted Key Access

Another way a commercial locksmith can help to secure your business is by installing electronic locks. Only those who are privy to the code will be able to access the doors and certain doors can have different codes. Another way to keep proprietary items safe is by the installation of biometric locks which will require either a retinal scan or a fingerprint in order to open. One service you might not even realize that a commercial locksmith provides is the installation and repair of your emergency access doors.

Be ADA Compliant

ADA compliance is mandatory under the law though laws might vary from state to state. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Another reason to have a commercial locksmith change out door handles and such is that you do not want to get into legal liability because you are in violation of the ADA laws. They can advise you on what steps are necessary for compliance. They can change out your traditional door knobs with levers, install push levers inside your doors and pull handles for the outsides as well. When you think about it, commercial locksmiths are critical to your business. When you need help keeping your business safe from thieves or to make sure all employees and customers can gain access, contact Folsom Lock and Security.