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5 Things to Avoid Before You Go to a Trade Show

Trade show blunders can hurt your bottom line. To help you maximize your success we have put together 5 things you should avoid before attending your next trade show.

Putting up barriers

Displaying your show table is necessary to do, but placing them in front of your booth can hinder the interaction between you and potential clients. You want to be able to meet them, talk to them, greet them and you’ll have a hard time doing all those things from behind the table. Put the table to one side instead so you’ll have the space you need to greet the guests.

Using the wrong displays

Boring, cookie-cutter displays aren’t going to cut it. You’ll need to invest in a trade show booth that stands out. If the displays doesn’t intrigue potential clients, excite them or compel them, then you must likely are missing out on a larger opportunity to grow your business.

Sending the wrong message

If you’re DIY-ing that display, you could risk sending the wrong brand messaging to your market, especially if you aren’t sure how to do this right. That could result in the kind of fallout that you’ll be digging your brand and business out for weeks. By hiring pros to provide you with excellent trade show booths, you can easily prevent a marketing disaster.

Choosing cheap rates

Get the right displays when you look for a reputable display solutions company instead of choosing the one with the cheapest rates. Cheap rates won’t give you the quality you want.

Not asking questions

How long has the company been around? What kind of displays have they done in the past? What kind of clients does they have and in what industries? Asking these questions, and more, will help you determine the right company to design and create your booths.