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When Should You Contact a Water Leak Detection Company in Escondido, CA?

While some leaks are easy to detect, there are leaks that result in no visible flooding or water damage. Here are the most common signs that you may have a leak.

Your Water Bill Is Higher Than Normal

One sign that you have a leak is a higher water bill. Most households and businesses tend to use roughly the same amount of water each month. While there is some fluctuation in the monthly water use, a significant spike may indicate that you need to contact a water leak detection company in Escondido, CA.

Wet or Soggy Areas in Your Yard

Detecting wet or soggy patches of grass on a dry day is another reason to contact a water leak detection company. A leak in the main water line may cause water to saturate the landscape, resulting in wet areas, even when there has not been any rain.

You Constantly Hear Water Running

While you may hear some water running immediately after flushing, using a sink, or taking a shower, the sounds should eventually stop. You may want to contact a water leak detection company if you constantly hear water running even when no one is using water.

Along with these signs, you should consider contacting a water leak detection company if you detect warm spots on the floor or if your water heater turns on frequently. These issues may indicate that you have a leak.

Main sewer line leaks and slab leaks can occur underground before reaching the interior of your property. The leak may go undetected for quite some time, resulting in costly water bills and the potential for additional damage. Hire Cable, Pipe & Leak Detection to confirm the presence of the leak and provide a fast and effective solution.

Leaks that go undetected can still cause damage, including structural damage to the foundation, basement leaks, and damage to your landscape. If you suspect a leak, do not hesitate to use professional leak detection services.