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Noosa Waterfront Restaurant: Reasons to Visit

Whether it’s a special evening out or part of a large event, going to a Noosa waterfront restaurant is an excellent way to spend the evening. While many people believe that these locations are only for special events, such as anniversaries, weddings, and more, you can visit them anytime. They usually have multiple view options and more casual dining, as well as fancier dining options. Therefore, you can choose the location that best fits your needs. Those who are going for an afternoon meal may find that the bistro is perfect while those who want something a little more relaxed may want to enjoy some appetizers in the bar.

A Noosa waterfront restaurant is most likely to have seafood on the menu because they are so close to the water. However, they may have other delicious options for those with shellfish allergies or those who don’t want seafood. If you do experience their seafood options, you’re likely to notice that the menu changes daily or weekly based on what is freshest and the season. Therefore, you can go there multiple times a month and get something new and delicious each time.

At Noosa Boathouse, they’ve got the Little Boaty coffee bar that’s open every day at 6 a.m. It’s located on the front deck, which means you can see the water while you enjoy toasted sandwiches, muesli bowls, bliss balls, and many other fun foods. They’ve also got the Eastern Deck, where you can take any of your treats. Those who want something different from their Noosa waterfront restaurant are likely to enjoy the Sunset Bar, open at 4 p.m. every day. It sits on their top deck and provides a more relaxed setting with the best sunset view in town, hence the name!