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3 Tips for Preventing Workplace Accidents with Industrial Mixers

Accidents are an unfortunate but a common fact of life. They can happen anywhere, at any time, and in any scenario. However, accidents in the workplace, especially around large pieces of machinery such as industrial mixers, can be prevented if you have the right procedures in place. Consider the following tips to help avoid accidents in your workplace:

  • Training is essential. If anyone is going to be handling an industrial mixer, you must provide those employees with thorough training before they work with the machine. But training is not only applicable to those handling the machines. Managers and others in the workforce should be trained to spot any unsafe practices not only with industrial mixers but within the entire organization.
  • Schedule an OSHA consultation. If your workplace is using industrial mixers and other heavy machinery, OSHA laws and regulations must be followed. However, if you are unsure of specific regulations, or the company’s policies and procedures regarding workplace safety seem out of date, reach out to OSHA. They offer no-cost consultation services to small and medium-sized businesses. OSHA is an incredibly valuable resource when it comes to compliance and workplace safety, so be sure to take advantage of their services. Otherwise, you may be facing violations within the workplace, which can result in a hefty fine.
  • Make sure signs are in place. Signage warns others of dangerous machinery or hazardous situations. You will want clear signs posted in prevalent places so that employees know what is happening around them. And ensure everyone knows what those signs mean through training and items as simple as reference sheets.

Remember, there can never be too many preventative measures put into effect when it comes to workplace safety. The more resources you put into preventing accidents with industrial mixers, the safer your workplace will become.